Residence Life FAQs

You've got questions. We've got answers.

How big are the rooms?
Willer Suites 11’5′ x 16 ; Friars 11 6 x 19 6 ; Helein, Padua & Garner 10’6′ x 15’6′

What are the measurements for the dresser?
2′ x 4′

How much space is between the two beds?

Can I bunk the bed?
Beds cannot be bunked. We also do not allow lofts.

How much space from the floor to the bottom of the bed?
18 inches

How big is the closet?
They are comparable in size to the average hotel room closet.

How many outlets are in the room?
4 (four)

What should I bring?
Whatever you would not be comfortable living without. Remember, however, that these are residence hall rooms, and there is a limited amount of space. Items not allowed are: halogen lamps, hot plates, space heaters and anything with an open heating element.

Is there a sink in the room?
Sinks are only in some of the Friar’s Hall rooms.

What size are the mattresses?
All mattresses are extra long twin.  Their length is 80 inches.  Extra long sheets will fit all beds, including standard.

Should I bring a lamp?
A desk lamp is recommended, however for safety, halogen lamps and spider lamps are not allowed.

Can I hang things on the wall?
Yes.  We only allow the use of 3M command strips and we ask that you leave them in place when you move out.

Should I bring a rug?
Many students like to bring an area rug to coordinate their rooms with their decor.

What furniture is provided in rooms?
Rooms have a bed, dresser, desk & chair. Double rooms have 2 of these items.

Do we provide refrigerators or microwaves?

Which buildings are air conditioned?
All residence halls and houses are air conditioned.

How big can the refrigerator be?
No larger than 5 cubic feet.

Can both my roommate & I have a refrigerator?
No. Work this out with your roommate before you get here. There are limited power outlets, and space is also limited.

What if I have questions about setting up my computer and electronics?
IT Services or Residence Life Staff can assist you in setting up your computer at the beginning of each school year.

How far is the outlet from the desk?
There is an outlet by each desk, and one by each dresser.

Should I bring winter clothes?
Yes, if you will not be going home before winter hits. It does get cold.

Can I move in early?
Students may not move in before the official move-in date.

How do I know where to go on move-in day?
Students should report to the Health and Fitness Center to check-in. Orientation Leaders will be there to assist you.

Can I stay over breaks?
Residence Halls close over Thanksgiving Break, Christmas Break, Spring Break, and Easter Breaks. Students in Residence Halls must leave during these breaks.

Am I required to have a meal plan?
Yes, all students in Residence Halls must have a Meal Plan.

Where do I get my ID and Parking Permit?
These are issued by Campus Safety and Security located in Friars Hall.

Welcome to the residence hall community at Quincy University!

More Questions? Feel free to call us at 217-228-5320